we are blending yoga, with reviving yoni egg practices and the yumminess of hips movement to AWAKEN the feminine, BURN what no longer serves us and bring our UNIQUE LIGHT up and out into the world.



The feminine energy is the energy of being present and loving, where all your senses are activated, and every step you take you feels like it is the perfect combination of power and vulnerability. Your heart is open, you feel confident to speak about your needs and desires, you know your strengths and you're learning to fall in love with your imperfections. 

Fall in love with your body,  with the moment, with your life, in the enchanting, fascinating and alive Luna Lodge.

Learn and experience why awakening your feminine energy is the first step to create any change in your life. 

Allow the effortless power of nature to root you in the center of your own personal universe, where you stand strong and peaceful, no matter what is going on around you. 



Sonya and Adriana will meet and greet you at the local airport in San José. After checking your 25 pounds of luggage, get on board your charter plane for a 45 minutes flight to Carate.

You can feel the breeze of the ocean on your face and the heat in your body as you switch from plane to jeep for a 20 minute off road drive to Luna lodge. 

With warm smiles, and a tray filled with tropical drinks, the staff welcomes you at el Rancho Grande, Luna Lodge's center of activity.

Overlooking the pristine rainforest and the majestic Pacific Ocean, you notice a feeling of excitement and relaxation. What a great way to begin falling in love with the moMEnt!!

After lunch we kick off DAY ONE with the theme BEING PRESENT, where you will learn HoopYogini™'s pose of present moment awareness, to notice what is more alive within you and explore the hula hoop as a symbol and  metaphor for life, life changes, and your own relationship to yourself and with the world around you.

Immersed in nature, you'll reawaken all your senses, tap into your feminine power and identify in which areas you have forgotten to fully love and accept yourself. As your new sexy light begins to shine, possibilities begin to show up.

Then you'll learn practical and fun new ways to keep this sexy light shining and take the first steps towards living a life filled with play, pleasure and possibility!   (yoni egg practices and hula hooping are included so an open and playful mind, body and spirit are required)

Do you feel like you're constantly lingering in the past or worrying about the future?

Or do you lack energy and joy and would love to move your body more often, and have fun as you do that?

Discover HoopYogini™, a fitness offering that integrates hula hooping, with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation designed to uplift your body and your life.  

Find your inner and outer pose of present moment awareness, you'll feel strong, sexy and connected. You'll learn to move your body in ways that will bring you more health, radiance and vitality.

Have you lost that sexy spark in your eyes that used to light up a room with your presence, just by you being you?

Do you feel like your life inside and outside of the bedroom could use a little bit of spicing up?

Let go of old paradigms about pleasure and joy and being a feminine woman and reignite that light by activating your senses in our Goddess Waterfall Walk and Rain Forest Bath, aphrodisiac blind tasting, Water Flow and Sun Power yoga by the beach and our BE BOLD and PASSIONATE yoni egg practices.

Have you been feeling tired, find yourself getting moody more often or can't remember the last restful night of sleep?

Do you love the feeling of fresh grass, or sand under your feet, or that invigorating feeling that you get when you spread your toes in mud?

Experience deep grounding and connection with the Earth as you walk the Infinity Trail and learn about Earthing, a simple practice that can affect your overall state of health including:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Lower stress levels

  • Improve muscle and joint pain

  • Boost positive moods

  • Promote a healthy immune system

  • Influence better sleep


Located in the Osa Península, the 4th most romantic place on the planet , Luna Lodge is truly a magical place.

Bask in the beauty of this enchanted rainforest, breathe deeply in and out as you observe how nature unfolds around you, and allow yourself to play with the idea that you are part of nature in the same way as nature is a part of you. Let the beauty and abundance of nature shine her light on you and awaken infinite beauty and abundance inside your heart.


Six of the bungalows feature two double beds, a private deck, and a private bathroom with shower and bathtub. Large windows and a high thatched-palm roof provide for ample air circulation, while walls of white cane add a decorative rustic touch.

One of the really attractive and unique parts of the bungalow is the lush private garden just off the shower, smoothing the transition to the rainforest outside, yet keeping it all protected with a handcrafted stone wall.


The hacienda-styled rooms are closer to the main lodge and are fully enclosed. The spacious colonial-style hacienda rooms have private baths and are designed to comfortably accommodate three with one double-bed and one single-bed.

The view is spectacular and the toucans love to visit the neighboring trees in the afternoon.


The seven completely enclosed “nature-lover” tents have two single beds or one double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, electricity, and a balcony overlooking the canopy of the rain forest. Some think the tents have the best view on the property as the majority of them are situated at the top of the hill above the Yoga platform.


As you walk down from your morning yoga class into  the restaurant you can feel they joyful anticipation. What delicious breakfast experience awaits for me today? You know that no matter what you are going to be nourished and pampered with inventive and exotic dishes prepared with love that inspire intimacy flow. And you can't wait. 

Inventive local cuisine and exotic native dishes, homemade breads, organic fruits and veggies, and scrumptious salads, accompanied with natural juices, sodas, or your favorite Signature Tea Tonic, especially for our group. 

Everything at the lodge is prepared fresh each day often straight from our own organic garden. 

At 6 p.m. each day we meet your hostesses at the bar "Eclipse Total" for Wisdom Snacks and your Daily Signature Tea Tonic drink. 

These drinks are fresh and powerful Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic drinks to normalize adrenal function and invigorate the body.

Your hostesses, Adriana, Lana and Sonya will be available for a chat, for sharing wisdom and answering any questions.


Have you ever wanted to try yoga in the middle of the forest or by the beach? Start your day with a yoga class at the yoga platform overlooking the incredible rain forest of the Osa Península.

Each class will set up the energy for the day.  Grounding Yoga, Water Flow & Sun Power Yoga, Power Yoga and Surrender Yoga. Feeling invigorated, happy and grateful you walk down to el Rancho Grande for a delicious breakfast. An experience for all the senses!


Morning activities start every day at 10:30 am and they follow the theme of the day.

Day 1 is about BEING PRESENT

Day 2 is CONNECTING to Mother Earth, being grounded and feeling bold and passionate. You will try Earthing, yoni egg practices and explore connection and inner peace inside your hula hoop as you begin to move your hips and allow more fun & play.

Day 3 is AWAKENING the Feminine

One of the days that we feel more excited about. Today is all about activating all our senses.

We start with Water Flow & Sun Power yoga (if weather allows us, we want to do this at the beach)

In the afternoon we go for a Goddess Walk to the waterfall and we try our home made clay mask as we bathe in the rain forest. 

After dinner we allow the flow of the moment inspire our bodies to dance inside our hula hoop as we explore the HoopYogini Alchemy & Flow by the pool.

The theme for Day 4 is VIBRANT Yoni.

Today you will strengthen your pelvic muscles at our Power Yoga session and you will learn why is it so important for women to incorporate physical activity that elevates our heart rate into our daily routines, for optimal health and performance inside and outside the bedroom.

blind tasting activity with aphrodisiac foods and the announcement of our evening competition are among the activities on today's program.


The winner of our surprise competition will get a one hour massage at the open air platform of the Luna Spa.

The perfect place to relax surrounded by tropical breezes and the scent of ylang ylang wafting gently in the air. Mmmm



There will be plenty of time between activities every day for you to relax, explore the property, write on your journal and graciously move your body from one activity to the next one.

El Rancho Grande will probably be one of your favorite areas to hang out at. It has a large deck that extends from the dining room and it will be our meeting point for all the activities. Here you can swing in a hammock or take a nap as you listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh air.

It is also a great place for animal and bird watching during the day and stargazing at night. 

Luna Lodge's pool is another beautiful area that is located only a few meters away from el Rancho Grande. 

Another gorgeous area to relax, write, meditate, swim and take in the incredible nature around.

You might want to try some of your new hula hoop dance flows here too! 

Day 5 is about LETTING GO, integration and reflection.

It is also the perfect day to release old ways of being and thinking that no longer serve you, and open up the space for new amazing experiences into your life. 

Experiences, relationships and opportunities that are more aligned with the gorgeous woman that you now know you are. 

Day 5 begins with Surrender Yoga, followed by a very special and powerful meditation with crystals and bowls to heal the feminine lineage. 

With a renewed sense of joy and inner peace, and a strong connection to your body, you make the most of every minute of your last day at Luna Lodge!


Day 6. It's not easy but we must say good bye to this place and to the wonderful staff that feels like family now. 

In spite of melancholy of the farewell, there is also a bunch of colorful butterflies in our bellies. Joyful anticipation of a new life filled with play, pleasure and possibilities!

After breakfast, we jump on Luna's jeeps to drive down to Carate beach and fly back to San José. 




  • Private transportation:

    • transfer from Luna Inn Cariari*** to local airport on Day One - Thursday, July 19th

    • round trip charter flight to/from Carate

    • round trip transfer to Luna Lodge

    • transfer to International Airport on Day Six - Tuesday, July 24th

  • 5 nights accommodation at Luna Lodge including 3 daily meals, free coffee and tea during the day and pre-dinner snacks every day.  

  • 1 Daily Tea Tonic Signature Drink every day 

  •  All rooms have two beds and you will share the room with one other person.  Please let us know if you have someone you’d like to share the room with.  Otherwise, we will pair you up with another gorgeous woman in our group.

  • 4 morning yoga classes with a theme every day

  • 4 HoopYogini and dance sessions 

  • Earthing Walk at infinity trail

  • Aphrodisiac Blind Tasting 

  • Goddess Waterfall Walk and Rainforest Bath

  • Women's Circle with tibetan bowls and crystals to heal the feminine lineage

  • Daily yoni egg & hula hoop dance. (Optional - outside of the daily practices included)

  • Falling in Love with the moMEnt gift set includes:

    • Beautiful Journal

    • Yoni egg and essential oils for cleansing

    • travel beginner dance hula hoop 

  • Fire dance & burning the old ceremony

  • Latin DanceParty

  • A few surprises along the way...


  • Flights into Juan Santamaría airport on the days prior to the retreat

  • Transportation to hotel on days prior to the retreat

  • Hotel accommodation on days prior to the retreat.

  • Spa treatments at Luna Spa.

  • Additional beverages and drinks at Luna Lodge than the ones specified on the program.

  • Shopping and souvenirs

*** For your stay in San José we recommend Luna Inn Cariari. It is only 10 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport.

For reservations contact Luna Lodge at

SGL and DBL room: $85 TPL ROOM: $100. Room rate includes breakfast, airport transfer and taxes.

We will provide transportation from Luna Inn Cariari to the local airport for your charter flight to Luna Lodge on Thursday.

Luna Inn Cariari - Bed & Breakfast

"Three primary essentials of genius: an eye that can see nature, a heart that can feel nature and a boldness that dares follow it."       -Bardic Thiad

Your Hostesses “We want women to walk away feeling supported, confident, beautiful, sexy and powerful. We want them to learn how to activate all the senses, feel their bodies, to confidently voice their needs and proudly celebrate their accomplishments. Above all, we want each women to walk away with a strong sense of unconditional love towards themselves, each other, towards nature and to who they are as an individual.”

Falling in Love with the moMEnt is an orgasmic adventure by Lana Wedmore (Luna Lodge), Sonya Kehler (Viva Yoni) and Adriana Carballo (HoopYogini with Adriana).


Sonya Kehler Women's Intimate Wellness Coach and Nutrition Lifestylist, Sonya teaches women to reconnect on an intimate level with themselves (and their partners) via core focused fitness, yoni egg practice, tapping into feminine power, and learning about food that inspire intimacy flow. Sonya is the creatress of Revive with Sonya and Viva Yoni, LLCTM. Her desire is to create a global platform for open discussion surrounding vagina wellness, from health to pleasure. Sonya is  the heart and mind behind the global campaign March Me-nessTM that celebrates women and gives daily inspiration for women to give themselves permission to focus on  caring for themselves.

She wants women to stand together as a united sisterhood to show the world how she treat herself, so the world knows how to treat her.

"Sonya has taught me how to talk to myself and remind me of how beautiful, loving and kind I am to everyone, but to also be kind and loving o myself with affirmations to remind me that I AM ALL THAT." -Susan


Lana Wedmore  Yoga Instructor, Travel and Tourism Professional with a mission to preserve, protect and educate people about the amazing rainforest and the healing of Great Mother Earth.

Lana is the founder, owner and head of operations of Luna Lodge and the founder of the White Hawk Foundation - an organization whose mission is to protect the ecosystems  and biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica as part of  the movement to promote rainforest conservation worldwide.

Lana is actively involved in initiatives to bring well-being to the communities and empowering women and children with self-love and self-confidence tools. Her warmth and hospitality are magnetic. 

"Lana inspires me because of her tenacity, wit, pure loving heart, and the way she listens and attends to the needs of the animals and the people of Osa. As she taught us, “we are visitors in the home of the animals.” May we strive to be good guests." 

— Christina Roberts


Adriana Carballo  As a HoopYogini instructor, HoopLove coach trainnee, and Quantum Success Life Coach, Adriana’s passion and mission is to help women to reconnect with their power of being the creator of their lives and understanding the importance of taking care of themselves so that they can take care of others.   Through movement, authentic connections, and cultivating daily habits for success she wants to activate mind, soul, body connection, joy and possibility.

Originally from Costa Rica and resident of Denmark, Adriana’s passion is to connect the two happiest countries in the world, through initiatives that promote well-being and inspire to live a naturally empowered life. Adriana is the creatress of Powerful Moms, 3 Daily Habits for a Strong and Happy Mind and Reconéctate, a hula hoop, yoga and wellness festival in Costa Rica.

"The HoopYogini class with Adriana was excellent.
It was fun, refreshing and very creative. I loved it and recommend it a lot."

— Angélica Griselda Flores

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